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AquaHawk Alerting

Through EVMWD’s advanced meter technology, customers have the capability to monitor their water usage online. Sign up for AquaHawk and take advantage of multiple benefits of having a smart meter:

Receive timely leak alerts: You specify how you want to be contacted: e-mail, text, or telephone. When your consumption indicates abnormally high use or a leak, we’ll contact you. The Advanced Meter System helps prevent costly property damage and gives you peace of mind when you’re away from your home.

Monitor your water use: See how much water you’re using and an estimate of your bill anytime during the billing cycle. The Advanced Meter system empowers you to take charge and make decisions.

Set your water use alerts:
Water use alerts allow you to specify an amount of water (gallons) or a maximum amount (dollars) that you don’t want your bill to exceed. If your use or your bill is approaching, or has exceeded the water use value, the Advanced Meter will send you a notification.

Learn ways to save:
Easily see the dates/times when you’re using water. See how your consumption compares to temperature and rainfall data. Learn effective ways to reduce water and energy use and save money!


Step by step instructions: Register Your Water Account
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AquaHawk Alerting
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