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Clean Water: Every Day, For Everyone

Here at Elsinore Valley Municipal Water District (EVMWD), we know how important it is to have reliable access to clean, safe water and we are committed to providing it to our customers’ homes and businesses every day. We love what we do and care about the communities we serve.

Our customers’ efforts to use water wisely are recognized and appreciated, and we hope they will continue well into the future. Being intentional about where and how we use water use is key to efficient and effective water service. You can learn more about this effort here: Clean Water Fact Sheet

Where Our Water Comes From

Locally, we live in an area with steep hillsides and rough terrain, with wide swaths of open land. Because of this, our water and sewer must travel long distances even within our service area to accommodate our customers, which adds to the costs of maintenance and operation.

With more than half of drinking water supplies originating from snowpack and rain hundreds of miles away, water is stored in reservoirs or groundwater basins and pumped through miles of pipelines before reaching your faucet. It takes energy, a host of physical infrastructure and human expertise to make this journey successful.

What We Do

EVMWD invests in critical infrastructure and conducts regular maintenance and water quality testing to ensure the water that reaches your home or business is clean, safe and reliable. Working in water requires expert staff and skilled professionals. We make sure our staff is certified and knowledgeable to ensure high-quality water service to our customers.

  • EVMWD is investing $586 million into local infrastructure projects that will improve water and sewer service.
  • We provide more than 1,600 local jobs for our region’s workforce.
  • EVMWD serves 159,000 customers, including residents and businesses.