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Water Efficiency

Thanks to our customers water-saving efforts, we have been able to store more water than ever.

While EVMWD’s water supply is robust, we cannot be certain if we are at the end of a short drought or facing the beginning of a long-term drought. So, it’s up to each and every customer to stay committed to using water efficiently to ensure that our stored water will last as long as possible and keep our region ahead of the drought curve.

You can continue to make a big difference in managing water supplies by being as efficient as possible with your personal water use. From simple steps you can take like swapping out high-water using devices, to updating your yard to a water-wise landscape, everyone can be part of the water supply solution. Drought or not, conservation and water efficiency are a California way of life. For easy tips on how to use water wisely, visit


Schedule a Free Water Use Evaluation

Would you like to find out more ways to save but aren’t sure where to start? EVMWD offers free water use evaluations to help provide recommendations on how you can save at home.

To schedule a free water use evaluation at your home, please complete the request form here: Request Water Evaluation


As part of EVMWD’s Water Shortage Contingency Plan, we are asking customers to voluntary reduce water use by now 10%  and to follow these watering guidelines:

Water Use DOs

  1. Use sprinkler irrigation systems after 6 p.m. and before 6 a.m.
  2. Water by hand using a hose with an automatic shutoff nozzle or drip irrigation system if watering during the day
  3. Adjust sprinklers and irrigation systems to avoid overspray, runoff, and waste
  4. Fix leaks or broken irrigation equipment to reduce waste
  5. Cover your swimming pool

Water Use DON’Ts

  1. Wash down sidewalks or driveways
  2. Water during a rain event or 48 hours after
  3. Overwater and cause runoff of landscape area
  4. Use a hose to wash your vehicle without a shutoff nozzle
  5. Use a fountain with water that is not being recirculated
  6. Fill uncovered swimming pools


EVMWD has approximately 50 associations located throughout its service area. With California dealing with numerous drought conditions throughout the years, state laws have been enacted to prohibit home owners from being penalized for practicing conservation efforts, particularly during state drought emergencies.

Related Information:
Prohibitions Factsheet
Drought Emergency Regulations – Title 23
AB 1
AB 2100
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SB 992

*Some associations require homeowners to submit documentation prior to performing landscape or other home-improvement projects. Be sure to check with your association to ensure you are following the proper protocols.

Free Toolkit for HOAs!

EVMWD is always here to help! If your association would like information to hand out in your community’s newsletter or other mailings, please contact EVMWD’s Water Efficiency Coordinator, Haley Munson, at or call (951) 674-3146 x8247.


EVMWD continues to look for ways to help conserve water. Through grant opportunities EVMWD has been able to develop plans for future water savings.

2018 Water Conservation Business Plan

2020 System Optimization Review Plan

Water Efficiency Resources

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