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Sedco Hills and Avenues Septic to Sewer Conversion Project

CEQA Information

About the Project 

To align with Elsinore Valley Municipal Water District’s (EVMWD) Sewer Master Plan and Groundwater Protection goals, Sedco Hills and Avenues will be transitioned to the EVMWD sewer system in a phased approach over a period of 48 months.

EVMWD is securing money from the Clean Water State Revolving Fund (CWSRF) to improve the sewer systems in the communities of Sedco Hills and Avenues. The CWSRF program provides low-cost financing statewide for sewer treatment and recycling, stormwater management, sewer system projects, and more. The CWSRF allows eligible recipients to complete crucial infrastructure projects and address water quality needs. EVMWD anticipates this agreement to be complete when the project starts in mid-2023.

What are the benefits of converting from my septic system to EVMWD’s system?

  • Increase property value
  • Improve general health
  • Reduce water pollution
  • Reduce septic odors
  • No more costly septic system maintenance and repairs

Reduce Water Pollution

Residents’ private onsite septic systems will be converted to a sewer system that will connect with EVMWD’s sewer collection and treatment system. This will help reduce potential surface and groundwater pollution from failing septic tanks and leach fields by collecting residential sewer flows and treating them at the EVMWD’s sewer plant. The service treats and disinfects the sewer to make it safe for discharge into the ocean. All reclaimed water receives additional treatment needed to protect our freshwater lakes, streams, and groundwater basins.

Am I eligible to convert my septic system to sewer?

Please see the maps below of the Sedco Hills and Avenues communities, outlined in purple, that are eligible to have their septic systems upgraded to sewer at no cost. You may also click HERE to check eligibility.

Sedco Hills: Along Mission Trail Road between Malaga Road, Lemon Street and the I-15 freeway
Avenues: Along E Lakeshore Drive between Country Club Blvd, Avenue 6 and Mill Street

What is this going to cost me?


The cost to convert your septic system to EVMWD sewer will be funded by the CWSRF.  The project will cover the cost of construction work, all associated fees, abandonment of your septic tank(s), and restoration of your yard.

Once you are connected to EVMWD’s sewer system, your monthly EVMWD bill will include water and sewer charges based on approved rates.

EVMWD will provide a one-year warranty to cover the cost of potential construction defects; however, the customer is responsible for long-term maintenance of lateral maintenance and replacement.

For more information about EVMWD’s Rate Assistance for Residents of Elsinore Valley (RARE) Program, please visit

All About EVMWD’s Variable Sewer Rate Structure

In 2018, EVMWD’s Board of directors adopted a new residential rate structure. The structure reduced the fixed rate and now includes a variable rate based on the number of people living in the home. The fixed rate combined with the variable rate per person will equal the total monthly charge.

Lowered Fixed Rate

Variable Sewer Rate



$7.82 per person

  • Ongoing system maintenance
  • Administrative Costs
  • Facility Costs
  • Collect and transport sewage to treatment plant.
  • Treatment chemicals
  • Waste disposal


For example, if Elsinore Eddie lives with his spouse and two children, they would confirm with EVMWD that they have a family of four in their household; their bill would be 4 x $7.82, or $31.28, plus the fixed rate of $22.90, for a total sewer bill of $54.18.

For more information about EVMWD’s Variable Sewer Rates, please visit

To estimate your EVMWD water budget, please visit the Water Budget Calculator page.

The following expenses will be covered by EVMWD:

  • Sewer connection to home and associated fees
  • Abandonment of septic system(s)
  • Restoration of yard
  • 1-year construction warranty for construction defects

The project will cover the cost of this construction work, including permitting and EVMWD system charges. THIS COULD SAVE YOU AN ESTIMATED $60,000.

What should I expect during construction?

Crews will survey your property and the construction contractor will finalize and construct the sewer lateral connection, which includes installing pipe that will carry sewer from your home to the district’s sewer system and treatment plant.

The septic system will be cleaned, broken up and leach field will be abandoned in place. If applicable, the yard will be restored.

To construct the sewer system, crews will access the community and private properties using heavy construction equipment to dig up the roadway and install sewer pipes. This will require road closures, parking restrictions and/or lane reductions. Please be advised that this work may also be loud.

Project Schedule
If EVMWD secures money for the project, construction is anticipated to take approximately 48 months.

Project Resources
FAQ (English)
FAQ (Spanish)
Fact Sheet (English)
Fact Sheet (Spanish)

Project Contact
Contact us if you have any questions! Se habla Español!
Helpline: 951-200-4136

Project Manager: 
Christina Henry
Elsinore Valley Municipal Water District

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City of Lake Elsinore, Mayor Natasha Johnson

City of Wildomar, Mayor Joseph Morabito