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Who We Are

EVMWD, a public non-profit agency, was created on December 23, 1950 under the Municipal Water District Act of 1911. As a special district, EVMWD’s powers include provision of public water service, water supply development and planning, wastewater treatment and disposal, and recycling. Currently, the district has over 42,000 water, wastewater and agricultural service connections.

A Board of Directors sets governing policy and is the final authority for related appeals. The Board is authorized to set rates, fees and charges for district services, operations, and debt financing of capital improvements.

EVMWD is a sub agency of the Western Municipal Water District, a member agency of the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California.


The EVMWD team delivers total water management that powers the health and vibrancy of its communities so life can flourish.


To succeed, we prize above all…


Perseverance – Productivity – Reliability – Poise – Quality Work – Competence


Learning – Innovation – Compassion – Sense of humor – Humility – Excitement – Mindfulness


Loyalty – Courage – Insight – Transparency – Openness


Communication – Appreciation – Diversity – Teamwork – Respect


Fiscal responsibility – Environmental responsibility – Customer service – Resource management – Safety consciousness


EVMWD is Southern California’s most innovative, diverse and trusted public utility partner.

By 2030 EVMWD will be:

  • Innovative, creative, proactive, and technologically advanced.
    We will be a leader in technology and process innovation to provide the cleanest water, wastewater, and recycled water services focused on public health. We provide proactive, efficient operations and ensure reliable infrastructure.
  • “One Water:” water sourcing, wastewater treatment, water recycling.
    We will operate a system that produces the highest quality water, most reliable water distribution, comprehensive wastewater collection, and effective water recycling. We manage every drop in the basin as One Water system that is sustainable, resilient and diversified.
  • Trusted and recognized for positive relationships: Customers, Community, Staff. We will exceed customer expectations, increase customer satisfaction, increase two‐way communication, and increase community collaboration. We will earn the complete trust of our customers, peers, community and staff by industry leading transparency and engagement.
  • Fiscally fit and highest value.
    We will be one of the financially strongest and most resilient Districts for our size in Southern California. Our rate structure will provide resources and services at the best value for the rate payer dollar.