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Due Diligence Information

Prior to moving into the design phase of a project, all Developers/Owners shall attend a Due Diligence meeting with the District. The goal of the meeting is to define the project requirements and District procedures. There is no cost to attend this meeting.

The Due Diligence meeting is not a planning or design meeting; it is intended to familiarize the Developer/Owner with the District’s development requirements, review process and approval process.

Step 1: Complete the Due Diligence Form in the Permit Portal.

Step 2: District staff will do preliminary research in preparation for the Due Diligence meeting.

Step 3: District will schedule the Due Diligence meeting with the Developer/Owner. This is a virtual meeting via Teams.

Step 4: Developer/Owner will attend the Due Diligence Meeting.

Step 5: District will email the Developer/Owner the project requirements and procedure letter.

To request a Due Diligence Meeting with the District, please follow these steps:

  1. Go to and select the bottom right side titled “Rhythm Permit Portal”.
  2. If you do not have any current projects with the District please create an account for yourself.  If you have current active projects with the District, do not create a new login, you will activate your account from an email that was recently sent to you for the system.
  3. Once you are logged in, you will select “submit a record” towards the top right.
  4. Then select “Due Diligence Permit”.
  5. Complete your submittal through that process.