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Plan Check Information

The Procedures to Construct Water and Sewer Facilities are to be used as a guideline to assist Developers, Engineers, and Contractors through the process of obtaining District services. The District will provide to the Engineer of Record revision comments on one set of the drawings and comment log. The District’s goal is to complete the plan check within 4 weeks of receipt of submittal. Plan check review times vary depending on the number of plans in the review process, size of project, complexity of plans, and completeness of drawings.  

Signed plans are valid for 2 years from the General Manager’s signature on the mylars. At the end of the two-year period, the Plans will be considered expired if construction has not commenced, per Section 3900 of the District’s Administrative Code. A new Plan Check Application, deposit and required documents shall be submitted to the District to re-review the plans. If the District standard drawing or specifications are revised, the plans shall be revised to conform to the new standards. 

Please contact Development Services for any questions at (951) 674-3146, Ext. 6705, or at

Plan Check Application