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LAKE ELSINORE, CA – In 2020, the Elsinore Valley Municipal Water District (EVMWD) and Western Municipal Water District (Western) announced a historic partnership to provide water supply stability for both agencies as part of their plans for existing and future service demands across the region. As part of this partnership, EVMWD was able to exclusively reserve 12 cubic feet per second (CFS) capacity in the Mills Gravity Line through 2024 at a guaranteed rate, securing a means to convey imported water for EVMWD customers into the future.  The Mills Gravity Line, owned by Western, is a critical pipeline that delivers water from Northern California.


In August 2023, EVMWD’s Board of Directors authorized the purchase of 6 CFS of the previously reserved capacity in the Mills Gravity Line.  EVMWD still retains the exclusive option to purchase an additional 6 CFS capacity by December 2024.


“Our service area is one of the fastest growing regions in California.  We foresee significant growth in our district and our water demands are expected to double by the year 2050.  Securing capacity to deliver supplies reliably is a top priority for EVMWD” said EVMWD’s General Manager Greg Thomas.


The capacity purchase also provides a benefit for EVMWD’s customers with a direct cost savings of approximately $4.5 million.  In addition, EVMWD was able to secure below market rate financing for the purchase resulting in approximately $500,000 in interest savings.


“The assurance of permanent capacity in a critical water supply pipeline for Riverside County is a win for the growing Elsinore region.  We continue to make strategic investments in both future water supplies and infrastructure, to reliably serve our customers”, said EVMWD Board President Andy Morris.


“The cost-savings are substantial for our customers, and I would like to thank my fellow board of directors for their strategic foresight and the district staff whose professional, collaborative approach and tireless efforts were instrumental in making this happen.” said Morris.

EVMWD’s strategic commitment to collaborating with local agencies plays a pivotal role in ensuring a sustainable water supply for its growing community.  Through its embrace of innovation and cooperative efforts, EVMWD serves as a model for responsible water management practices.


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EVMWD provides service to more than 159,000 water and wastewater customers in a 97-square-mile area in Western Riverside County. The EVMWD team delivers total water management that powers the health and vibrancy of its communities so life can flourish.