5th Grade Water Education Materials Bundle




All bundles will include the following education materials, as well as a class set of pencils and folders.

Where Does My Water Come From?

This colorful cartoon style map shows EVMWD’s three water sources- Imported water from the Colorado River and the State Water Project, Groundwater sources and surface sources (Canyon Lake). Laminated. Each poster order includes black and white 11 x 17 sheets of the same map for each of your students!

The Geography of Water

This curriculum, designed for grades 4-8, includes a series of six maps of California that teach and integrate specific geographic and water related concepts. By coloring these maps according to the directions, students learn about the state’s physical features, precipitation, population, industry & agriculture, and managing California’s water supply. These map activities involve students in critical thinking, problem solving, and comparing statistics. The curriculum includes a teacher guide for each map, reproducible student maps and lessons.

Admiral Splash

Admiral Splash is a complete unit designed to teach students all about California’s water and how to use it wisely. This program fits perfectly into your 4th & 5th grade science/social science curriculum. Students learn about the water cycle, California’s water history, water sources, distribution, uses and conservation.

The Admiral Splash kit contains the following items (One kit per teacher):

Class set of colorful student books
Teacher’s guide
DVD (VHS upon request) in English and Spanish
California poster map
Pre- and post-tests
Home water surveys


This program is designed to supplement the fifth-grade social studies curriculum. Using language arts, music and art, this activity-oriented unit encourages student participation in examining the role of water in North American history: Pre-Columbian, Colonial and the Westward Movement. The program comes with a teacher’s guide and a set of 35 large-format student booklets. Consumable materials may be reordered.

Journey Down the Colorado River Aqueduct

​Student booklet explains our water delivery system and includes the treatment process. A crossword puzzle and easy-to-read map reinforces the concepts for students.