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The District receives imported water from Metropolitan Water District (MWD) through its member agency, Western Municipal Water District (WMWD). The District is wholly within the boundaries of WMWD and MWD. Because of this arrangement, all parcels receiving service from the District must be annexed into the boundaries of WMWD and MWD. 

For more information regarding annexation into the District’s service boundary, please contact Administration Services at (951) 674-3146, Ext. 8223 or at

Annexation Form 

Riverside Local Agency Formation Commission (LAFCO)

Crystal Craig

(951) 369-0631

Design Standards and Drawings

The District maintains several standards, specifications and planning documents to assist with the design and construction of residential, commercial, industrial, irrigation, or other development projects. The following items are provided to assist with design and construction activities. Please contact or (951) 674-3164 Ext 6705 should you desire additional assistance.

County Title Block
City Title Block
City of Wildomar Title Block

GN – General Notes

G General

S Sewer Facilities

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W Potable Water and Recycled Water Facilities

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CP Cathodic Protection Details

T Water Tank Details

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RW Recycled Water

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M Miscellaneous Details

Due Diligence Information

Prior to moving into the design phase of a project, all Developers/Owners shall attend a Due Diligence meeting with the District. The goal of the meeting is to define the project requirements and District procedures. There is no cost to attend this meeting.

The Due Diligence meeting is not a planning or design meeting; it is intended to familiarize the Developer/Owner with the District’s development requirements, review process and approval process.

Step 1: Complete the Due Diligence Form and submit to

Step 2: District staff will do preliminary research in preparation for the Due Diligence meeting.

Step 3: District will schedule the Due Diligence meeting with the Developer/Owner.

Step 4: Developer/Owner will attend the Due Diligence Meeting.

Step 5: District will email the Developer/Owner the project requirements and procedure.

Due Diligence Form 

Forms, Applications and Related Documents

Connection Fees (Water and Sewer Capacity Fees)
Connection Fees Effective 07/01/2022 – 06/30/2023

Commercial Will Serve Application
Easement Application
Fire Flow Test Application
Inspection Application
Plan Check Application
Planning Application
Residential Will Serve Application
Temporary Construction Meter (Hydrant Meter) Application

Commercial/Industrial Form
Due Diligence Form
Engineers Clarification Form
Industrial Waste Permits
Material Submittal Form
Water Meter Release Form
Recycled Water Rules and Regulations
Utility (Maps) Request Form
Utility Interruption Request Form
Water and Sewer Availability Request Form

Template Documents
Easement Template
Grant Deed for Facilities Template
Notice of Completion Template
Water Rights Grant Deed Template

Credit Card Forms
Will Serve Credit Card Form
Fire Flow Credit Card Form
Temporary Construction Meter (Hydrant Meter) Credit Card Form

Procedures to Construct
Procedures to Construct Water and Sewer Facilities
Annexation Information
Water Rules and Regulations

District Standards
Volume I – Design Standards and Drawings (Water Distribution & Sewer Collection)
Volume II – Design Standards and Drawings (Booster Stations, Lift Stations, Reservoirs, & Wells)
County Title Block
City Title Block
City of Wildomar Title Block
Water Main Testing Protocol

Industrial Wastewater Discharge Permit

If you own or operate a business within the Elsinore Valley Municipal Water District Service area, you may be required to apply for a permit to discharge your wastewater. Even if a permit is not required, there are prohibitions and limits on what can be discharged to the sewer. For more information on these, as well as what types of businesses need an Industrial Wastewater Discharge Permit, please contact

Businesses with the potential to discharge toxic pollutants are issued permits and required to regularly sample and analyze their wastewater to make sure they meet their permit limits. The District Pretreatment Inspectors inspect permitted industries and monitor their wastewater discharge to determine compliance with their permit. Enforcement actions are taken against industries found to be in violation.

Inspection Information

Prior to requesting an inspection, you must have submitted an Inspection Application and attended a pre-construction meeting with the District. Inspections can be scheduled by emailing the Inspection Request Form to or by leaving a voicemail at (951) 674-3146, Ext. 8402. The District requires 48 hours advance notice to schedule an inspection. You will receive a calendar invite via the email provided when the inspection has been scheduled. If you do not receive a calendar invite, your inspection has not been scheduled and an inspector will not be present at your project site.

Inspection Request Form 

Plan Check Information

The Procedures to Construct Water and Sewer Facilities are to be used as a guideline to assist Developers, Engineers, and Contractors through the process of obtaining District services. The District will provide to the Engineer of Record revision comments on one set of the drawings and comment log. The District’s goal is to complete the plan check within 21 calendar days of receipt of submittal. Plan check review times vary depending on the number of plans in the review process, size of project, complexity of plans, and completeness of drawings.  

Signed plans are valid for 2 years from the General Manager’s signature on the mylars. At the end of the two-year period, the Plans will be considered expired if construction has not commenced, per Section 3900 of the District’s Administrative Code. A new Plan Check Application, deposit and required documents shall be submitted to the District to re-review the plans. If the District standard drawing or specifications are revised, the plans shall be revised to conform to the new standards. 

Please contact Development Services for any questions at (951) 674-3146, Ext. 6705, or at

Plan Check Application Form 

Recycled Water Use Rules and Regulations

EVMWD’s Recycled Water meets strict State of California standards for treatment and quality; and is deemed suitable for many beneficial uses, including:

  • Irrigation of parks, playgrounds, school yards, common areas, nurseries, freeway landscaping and golf courses
  • Recreational use including fishing and boating
  • Industrial processing, commercial laundries, and soil compaction

Customers interested in learning about the availability of recycled water are encouraged to contact the District’s Engineering Development Department at (951) 674-3146 ext. 8427.

State regulations require safe use of recycled water in a manner that is protective of public health and the environment. EVMWD has adopted Recycled Water Rules and Regulations to promote recycled water use with State requirements.

The District’s Water Protection Department will work with customers to ensure they are in compliance will all regulations. Please contact Water Protection with any questions at (951) 674-3146 ext. 8338.

For more information about the Recycled Water Program, please email Mike Ali, Water Quality Administrator at

Backflow District Standards

Recycled Water Rules and Regulations

EVMWD Tester List

Requesting Maps or Drawings

Consultants, property owners, and contractors may require information regarding District-owned facilities. “As-built” information can be obtained upon request by submitting the Utility Request Form to

Utility Request Form 

Water and Sewer Availability Letters

An Availability Letter indicates if water and/or sewer services are available to the project site and specifies which water and sewer mains are available for connection. This letter only advises as to the proximity of the water and sewer mains to the property. This is not an approval to connect to these facilities or a certification that there is adequate capacity in the water and sewer mains to serve the proposed project.

Water and Sewer Availability Request Form 

Will Serve, Service Commitment and Service Planning Letters

A Will Serve Letter is issued by the District outlining the conditions of water and sewer service to a particular parcel. It is also the District’s conditional commitment to serve new customers. A Will Serve letter is required by the County and City to ensure that sufficient capacity is available to serve new projects. A completed Will Serve Application must be submitted via email to or in-person at the District’s office along with the appropriate fees outlined in the application. Applications are available online or at the Reception Desk in the District’s Lobby at 31315 Chaney Street, Lake Elsinore, California 92530. The application will be accepted upon payment of the fees. The letter will be emailed within ten (10) business days from receipt of the application and fees. The Will Serve completion time varies depending on the size of project, complexity of Will Serve, and number of Will Serve requests in process.

Residential Will Serve Application

Commercial Will Service Application

Credit Card Form – Will Serve