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Meter Box Maintenance

The District is responsible for maintaining all elements of water meter boxes located at customer properties. These responsibilities include repairing the meter, the customer valve on the customer side of the meter, the angle meter valve on the District side of the meter, removing dirt from boxes, and removing pests (small animals, snakes, and insect infestations (bees/wasps/hornets and hives, ant colonies, large spider nests, etc.).


Pests & Insect Infestations

Meter boxes can be attractive locations for pest and insects to build homes since they are enclosed, dark and offer a cool environment.

Even though a majority of meter boxes don’t have any pest issues, the District strongly recommends that customers use caution when opening box lids. Customers should be prepared to move away from the box if there are signs of pests. Also, while many pests might not be immediately visible it is a good idea to wear a glove before putting your hand in the box, or at least probe the area with a long screwdriver or stick.

Caution is always the best practice!

Meter Box Location

Most meter boxes will be located at the front of the property in the grass or driveway close to the street, and may be covered by a green plastic composite or concrete lid. The meter box houses the following equipment, starting from the street side:

1. Angle Meter Stop: this is a valve that should only be operated by District staff.

2. Water Meter

3. Radio Reading Equipment: there is a wire that comes from the top of the register connected to a small box containing a radio transmitter and long life battery. Customers should not disturb this equipment.

4. Most meters will have a customer valve that has a handle and can be operated by customers and can be used to turn off water to the property. CAUTION: To prevent damage to on-site water using devices and other plumbing, this valve should be turned on and off very slowly.

District vs. Customer Responsibility

The District is responsible for maintaining the water service from the connection to the water main in the street to all of the contents of the meter box, including repairing and/or replacing the actual meter box and lid. The customer is responsible for all plumbing on the property from the meter box.

Construction or Planting Near Water Meter Boxes

Customers should not replace, cover, move or change the configuration and installation of the meter box in any way as it may impact on-site plumbing and access to the meter.

Also, meter boxes, and most other utilities, are located in what is referred to as the property’s public easement and requires that District staff have complete unfettered access to the meter box at any time for reading, locking off and restoring service, maintenance or emergency repairs to the meter.

This includes planting trees or bushes that can damage or block the meter box; or installing fencing or walls that encloses the meter box within the fence or wall line, or building a wall directly over a meter box. Customers will be asked to remove, at their expense, fencing and walls or pay for the relocation of the meter if feasible.

Who to Call

Customers that require maintenance of the meter box should call the District’s Customer Service department during normal business hours (Monday – Thursday, 7:30 am – 5:30 pm; Friday, 7:30 am – 4:30 pm) at 951-674-3146, Option 1, and provide specific details of the maintenance need.

If there is an emergency issue (water leak in the box, imminent threat from a pest or other problem) that arises outside of normal business hours, then contact the District at 951-674-3146 and select Option 7 for our After Hours Emergency Answering Service that will contact District staff to respond to the issue.

If there is a pest infestation, please do not call a pest control company. The District will contact a company to handle the problem.