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Sat., May 23, 2015   
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News in Detail
As a result of strong conservation efforts by all its customers, the District was able to keep water and sewer rates the same with only a minor meter cost increase.

The Elsinore Valley Municipal Water District (EVMWD) Board voted unanimously Thursday, May 24 to approve the Districtís $54.6 million operating budget and rates for the upcoming fiscal year. 

Despite increases in imported water costs from Metropolitan Water District of Southern California (Metropolitan) and the addition of 1,500 new customers, the efforts by EVMWDís customers to use less water along with district wide operational efficiencies and the use of the Districtís rainy day fund allowed the board of directors to approve a budget with no residential sewer or water rate increases.  The only increase customers will see on their bill will be a $0.47 per month increase on their meter charge, which equates to about $5.64 for the whole year. 

Over the past year, conservation efforts among EVMWD customers have led to a 28 percent reduction in residential water use over the past three years, which will ultimately save ratepayers more money by reducing the Districtís need to rely on more expensive imported water.

"We deeply appreciate the partnership we have with our customers, so keeping their rates level was our biggest goal for this budget," said Board President Harvey Ryan.  "We have always said that saving water saves money and this is a perfect example of that."

Even with EVMWDís successful consolidation with Elsinore Water District (EWD) this past fall, adding seven new employees and an additional 1,500 customers, the board was still able to keep EVMWD customer rates steady throughout the transition. 

From expanding the use of recycled water to using local groundwater resources, EVMWD continues to take the steps necessary to effectively manage and expand local resources moving forward, especially as the cost of imported water continues to rise. 

"This year Metropolitan, our main source of imported water for our customers, raised their rates another 6.7 percent," noted General Manager Ron Young. "That put us in a tough position, but we are in this together with our customers. They have worked hard to use less water, and we are going to do everything we can to help protect them from the rate increases we are facing."

Over 65 percent of residential water use is for outdoor landscaping, so please be mindful not to overwater when irrigating your yard.  For more information about budget or rate changes, please contact EVMWD at (951) 674-3146.

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