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Establishing & Discontinuing Service

Establishing & Discontinuing Residential Service

Establishing & Discontinuing Commercial Service

Establishing & Discontinuing Hydrant Meter Service

Establishing & Discontinuing Residential Service


Service Set-up Charge

Discontinue Service

The District has implemented changes which make it very easy to establish residential service over the phone. Simply call Customer Service at (951) 674-3146 during normal business hours. Only the party responsible for billing will be allowed to initiate service in this manner. Please give at least 24 hours notice to the District to begin your account in order to avoid additional fees. Please be ready with the following information:

  • Name of Responsible Billing Party
  • Service Start Date (Monday - Friday only)
  • Service Address
  • Billing Address (if different from service address
  • Legal Identification Number (Driver's License, State Issued Identification, Passport, Military Identification)
  • Social Security Number (Optional)
  • 4-digit PIN (used for customer access to automated account and payment systems and caller verification)
  • Home, Work and/or Mobile Number
  • Email Address (Optional)

Customers must pay the balance of any previous or currently delinquent account before they will be allowed to sign up for service.

Customers may also choose to fill out a Residential Service Application form and fax it to the District at (951) 674-1752. Please be sure to include a contact phone number in case there a representative needs to speak with you. Please allow 2 business days to process your request.

Residential Service Application


Deposits are required on all new accounts. For customers that will have both water and sewer service with the District, the deposit is $175.00, and can be divided into monthly installments until fully paid. Customers that will only have water service with the District, the deposit is $125.00, and can be divided into monthly installments until fully paid. You may also choose to have the deposit billed all at one time.

There are alternative options a customer can choose to eliminate the need for a deposit:

  • Auto Pay: Customers can sign up for Auto Pay, a program that allows the District to debit a customer's monthly bill from a checking account. This is a great way to pay your bill since you won't have to write out a check or mail an envelope. You will also avoid delinquent charges! Customers will be billed on a regular basis, and on the due date listed on the bill the amount will be deducted from the checking account. Customers choosing this option to eliminate the deposit must remain on Auto Pay for 24 months, or the deposit will be billed. Click on the link below for more information and an application.

Auto Pay Application Form (also found on the back of your billing statement)

  • 12 Month Payment History: Customers can also choose to submit a 12 Month Payment History from another recent utility (water, sewer, electric or gas only) account in their name. Customers must have at least 12 months of billing history with the other utility and no more than 1 delinquent charge in a 12 month period. The customer must request this information from the other utility and provide it by the due date given by the District's representative, or the deposit will be billed. Payment histories can be faxed to (951) 674-3146.

Service Set-up Charge:

All customers starting residential service with the District are required to pay a Service Set-up Charge which will appear on your first bill. It is important that you give the District a minimum of 24 hours notice before starting your service. The charges are as follows:

Prior Notification$10.00
Same Day Service, Calling Before 2:30 pm$60.00
Same Day Service, Calling After 2:30 pm $110.00

Discontinue Service

Residential customers that want to discontinue service can call Customer Service during normal business hours. Please give at least 48 hours advanced notice. Service can be discontinued Monday - Friday only, excluding District holidays.

A representative will ask you to provide the date you want service discontinued and a forwarding address that your closing bill and other correspondence can be mailed. Please ensure that you confirm all details with the representative and retain the confirmation number given to you for future reference.

If you previously made your monthly payment utilizing the District's Auto Pay program, then the balance of the closing bill will also be withdrawn in the same manner. Any credit balance left on the account after calculating the closing bill and applying a deposit, if one was on file, will be sent to the customer in the form of a check to the address on file.

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Establishing & Discontinuing Commercial Service

All commercial customers requesting water and/or sewer service with the District must completely fill out a Commercial Service Application. The application can be faxed to (951) 674-1752. Unfortunately, commercial service cannot be initiated over the phone.

Commercial Service Application

Commercial customers are required to pay a deposit that is equal to 75 days worth of water and sewer service. This amount is unique to each account and the District will calculate the deposit when service is initiated. The deposit can be billed in equal installments over a period that does not exceed 5 months.

Commercial customers that request discontinuance of service must do so in writing with a minimum of 48 hours advanced notice. The following information must be included on company letterhead:

  • Name of Business
  • Service Address
  • EVMWD Account Number
  • Forwarding Address
  • Tax ID Number
  • Requested Service Discontinue Date
  • Name and Signature of Authorized Company Officer

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Establishing & Discontinuing Hydrant Meter Service

Hydrant meters are available for temporary usage for situations where water flowing through permanent meters is not available. Normally, they are used a variety of construction projects. Customers requesting hydrant meter service must completely fill out a Hydrant Service Application form and fax it to (951) 674-1752, or bring the completed form to the District. You must provide the District with a minimum of 5 business days notice when requesting hydrant meter service. Time is required to ensure that proper hydrant water service can be provided at the location requested, while also maintaining safe water service for all customers in the District.

Hydrant Service Application

Customers must provide the exact location of the hydrant they wish to have the hydrant meter locked to. Once the application is approved by the appropriate departments, Customer Service staff will provide the customer with a ribbon that must be tied to the hydrant prior to the date of installation for location purposes.

Hydrant meter accounts are charged a $5.00 per day service charge and are billed for water usage. Failure to pay the balance on a hydrant meter account within 21 days of the bill date may result in the removal of the hydrant meter until the balance is paid in full.

Hydrant meter customers are required to pay a $500.00 deposit at the time that service is requested. This deposit cannot be billed. Any damages to the hydrant meter while in the possession of the customer will result in damages being billed to the customer's account.

To discontinue service, customers must submit their request in writing, on company letterhead, with the following information:

  • Name
  • Exact Hydrant Meter Location
  • Hydrant Meter Number
  • EVMWD Account Number
  • Requested Service Discontinuance Date
  • Name and Signature of Account Holder
  • Verification of Billing Address

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